2021 JM Cellars – Woodinville, WA Wedding

Stephanie & Kyle

May 22nd 2021

It almost sounds cliche at this point to say that I had an instant connection with this couple, but I really did. This lovely bride is named Stephanie and as I hope you know my name is also Stephanie. šŸ™‚ She is married to the lovely gentleman pictured named Kyle. As some of you may know, my husband is also named Kyle. Stephanie and Kyle even decided to tie the knot on May 22nd 2021 while my husband and I married on August 22nd 2009. There were several other similarities, but right off the bat just from those two things I knew it was meant to be! In my almost 10 years of weddings this was for sure a first! <3

We had a lovely Portland engagement session together in October of 2020 and I knew their love and their big day was going to be special. They were so much fun I just couldn’t wait to meet their friends and family!

The day took place at the beautifully tucked away, JM Cellars in Woodinville, Washington with the most incredible vendor team:

Planner : Bridal Bliss

Florist: Rusted Vase

DJ: Scott Dulin

Caterer: ShoobyDoo Catering

Cake/Deserts: Deep Sea Sugar and Salt

Rentals: Fanciful Rentals

Beauty: Katie Vigil

Thank you again to Kyle and Stephanie for sharing their incredible love with me! I can’t get over how absolutely perfect this whole day was!

  1. Analy says:

    OMG! Iā€™m screaming! The touches of blue throughout the wedding is stunning! Everything about this wedding is so beautiful! Your photos are amazing! JM Cellars is every photogs dream! wow

  2. KatyWeaver says:

    Ok WOW this wedding is incredible! So many gorgeous images! The lighting! The colors! The flowers! Your work is soooo good and I love everything about this! Beautiful woodinville wedding!

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