Session location ideas

I love shooting in new creative locations and always enjoy hearing new location ideas! If you have a spot in mind, please feel free to tell me about it! I always love places that mean something to my clients. Maybe it's your own home? Or the place where you met your spouse? If you would like some location ideas to look up for inspiration, here's a few favorites:  

Waterfront /  Portland 
NW 23rd st. / Portland 
OMSI Docks Portland 
Tilikum Crossing / Portland
Union Station / Portland
Broadway Bridge / Portland
Cathedral Park / Portland

City Vibes

Sauvies Island / Portland 
Jenkins Estate / Hillsboro
George Rogers Park / Lake Oswego
Mountainside Lavender / Hillsboro
Cooper Mountain Nature Park 

Country Vibes

Pacific City
Cannon Beach
Lincoln City
Sauvies Island 

Beach Vibes

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden
Rose Gardens / Portland 
Pittock Mansion / Portland
Cathedral Park / Portland 

garden vibes

Forest vibes

Laurelhurst Park / Portland
Hoyt Arboretum / Portland 
Noble Woods Park / Hillsboro
Latourell Falls / The Gorge
Stone House / Forest Park


Latourell Falls
Government Cove 
Vista House
Rooster Rock State Park 
Horsetail Falls 

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