Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall Same Sex Engagement session

This same sex Portland Engagement session at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall was with two of the sweetest souls I have ever met. Jordan and Ryan are so special to me for so many reasons.

Jordan and I

I’m lucky to call Jordan (the gentlemen in the patterned shirt) my friend since high school! We met in the theater during our school’s production of “Peter Pan.” Part of being in the show required each actor to do a certain amount of tech work. Jordan and I were assigned to create the “star drop” (a giant glow in the dark backdrop that would hang behind Peter Pan and the children as they flew off to Neverland.) On day one I knew Jordan and I were going to be best of friends!

All through high school we were inseparable and went on to do several more theater and choir performances together. We bought matching “Will” and “Grace” hoodies and would cuddle up in his room and watch marathons of our favorite shows with a big bowl of his dad’s homemade salsa. (I still crave that salsa to this day btw.) He was my prom date, and my number 1 on my Myspace top 8. He was the happiest, sweetest guy and in many ways the first boy I ever loved.

Jordan met Ryan

After high school, Jordan went on in his musical theater career and met Ryan while performing on cruise ships. The pair fell in love in the most beautiful locations all over the world! I watched their relationship blossom through photos and video on my timeline over the years. I felt like I already knew Ryan but, had still NEVER met him! Their travels had them all over the world and I just hadn’t had the opportunity.

Flash forward to the Covid 19 pandemic and these two moved to Oregon! We finally did a meet up (outdoor covid responsible) and I fell in love with Ryan as fast as I fell in love with Jordan that first day working on the star drop. He had the same warmth and and loving spirit as Jordan and I instantly knew that these two were perfect for each other.

I was so honored to finally shoot their engagement session outside of the Arlene Schnitzer in Portland. This location is great for theater people like these two and has a magical night time presence.

Thank you to both Jordan and Ryan for sharing their sweet love with me! I am beyond excited to watch what the future holds for these two!

Same Sex Portland Oregon Engagement Session

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