Eeliyana & Mike

The Armory

Portland, Oregon Wedding


When I think back on this warm August day, I can’t help but get the biggest smile on my face! This wedding was just SO MUCH FUN! Seriously my cheeks were hurting at the end of the night from the constant smiling I did all day! Eeliyana and Mike let me know way ahead of time that they planned on having a PARTY and man they did not disappoint! They have that kind of love that is so carefree and lighthearted it kept everyone energized and happy all day long. It was such a pleasure to celebrate with their family and friends! Honestly there were SO MANY amazing photos from this wedding it was really hard to narrow it down for a blog post. Make sure you keep scrolling t0 see this couple’s first dance photos cause it was the coolest first dance ever!

Dress : The White Dress
Florals : Noble Floral Co. 
Hotel : Hotel Monaco 
Venue : The Armory 
2nd shooter: Jana Foo Photography

My second shooter for the day, Jana , was over with the men and I laughed SO hard when I saw what these men were wearing for underwear…

They are just the best! lol Back to the gorgeous bride getting in her dress with the help of her mother and grandmother.




Of course I could share all their nice smiling at the camera photos but what fun would that be? haha I always love having my bridal parties do “personality shots” with each member of their bridal party!


// MR. & MRS. //

When in Portland…


And now for the cutest mother son dance…

Followed by the best CHOREOGRAPHED first dance by the bride and groom!




Thank you to the most fun loving couple out there! Forever in love with your love Eeliyana and Mike!

Bride and Groom Portland Oregon
  1. Brianna Swan says:

    Love everything about this!!! The colors, lights, first dance! Such a pretty wedding day and you captured it so well!

  2. Briana says:

    OMG – this look like a SUPER fun wedding. haha Gorgeous couple, great venue, and WOW are those some epic dance moves. haha I love everything about this wedding. 😆

    • Stephanie Kotaniemi says:

      Thank you so much Briana! The dance was amazing to witness! Glad to have captured the fun of it! 🙂

  3. Katy Weaver says:

    Wow this whole wedding at the Armory looked SO FUN! What a blast! You captured everything so well! The underwear, the sneaky pouring vodka into the white claws on the bus.. the sweet moments AND the goofy ones! Gorgeous work, and amazing editing too!

  4. Annie U says:

    These are THE best wedding photos I’ve ever seen. The Eatons were my neighbors about 9 years ago, and it’s great to see Mikey have such an amazing wedding. The photography is super amazing in all aspects. When my sons marry, I wanna hire YOU!

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