Sarah & David

I had the best time with these two lovely people on a beautiful summer day in Portland. This was my first Catholic wedding and it was so much fun to capture and experience different traditions! This wedding was BIG so I had my talented friend Jana Foo of Jana Foo Photography second shoot for me. We had such a good time tag teaming this duo. Extra special shout out to Jana because she was around 36 weeks pregnant and was still an absolute rockstar!

So much love, laughter, family, friends, and of course HAPPINESS all day long!

First we started with getting ready at the gorgeous Mark Spencer Hotel. I shot with the girls while Jana was over with the boys!

Afte we had everyone looking all spiffy it was time to do FIRST LOOKS! I absolutely love this part of the day and I have loved incorporating a bridesmaid first looks in all my weddings. Just look at all their amazing faces!!! So sweet to have such amazing ladies supporting you on your big day.

After the bridesmaid first look, we traveled over to Laurelhurst Park for David’s first glimpse at his ALMOST WIFE!

The ceremony took place at St. Patricks Church in Portland and was such a gorgeous setting for such a perfect union. The bride’s sister (who should for sure be famous cause her voice is out of this freakin world) sang a beautiful song during the ceremony that had me in tears. It was the perfect touch to a room already filled with so much love.


This family makes my heart sing. They really have such a special special bond that is hard to describe in words. They are one of those families that you basically want to find a way to sneak into somehow…haha I could be an that weird extra daughter right? 😉

After all the ceremony festivities, we traveled over to the reception venue, The Exchange Ballroom. The venue had such a gorgeous set up with so many amazing details that Sarah and David put together. One of my favorite details EVER were the hand written love passages from various books on all the reception tables. How freakin cute is that?!

We started with cocktail hour on the roof with all of their adoring guests!

Cocktail hour came to a close and we began the reception with delicious food, followed by touching speeches and songs for the bride and groom. The bride’s family is REALLY musical (like seriously they need to start a band cause sheesh the talent in this family is insane.) so it only made sense that most “speeches” were in song form. It was a truly unique and beautiful experience.


After I wiped my tears and pulled myself together it was time for some other speeches!

I always joke that Sarah is Disney Princess so it only made sense that her first dance had all the Beauty and the Beast vibes! (Not that you’re a beast David. lol) Following the bride and groom’s first dance, we went into the parent dances and those always get me right in the feels. This was no exception. When dad’s start crying…I start crying.

We had some time to sneak away for some rooftop lovin while the sun set! Sarah and David are husband and wife!!!


Time to get the party started!

This was one of the funniest cake cuttings I’ve ever experienced. David decided to just go head first into the top of the cake and watching Sarah’s reaction was PRICELESS. I love couples who play together! Oh and David forgot to feed Sarah and she had to remind him because….cake.

Bouquet toss time and obviously the bride’s sister wasn’t messing around. lol

Hey all that paid off! haha She caught it!

We finished the night with more dancing, a slow-motion video booth (SO dang funny btw!), and a sparkler exit to send the married couple off!

Thanks for the magical day Sarah and David! It was such an honor!!!

  1. Soulseeker - Creative Photography says:

    Awesome work, great colors! Congrats!

  2. Soulseeker - Creative Photography says:

    Awesome work, great colors! Congrats!

  3. Soulseeker - Creative Photography says:

    Awesome work, great colors! Congrats!

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