Chelsea & Adam Surprise Engagement!

SURPRISE ENGAGEMENTS ARE MY NEW JAM!! Adam contacted me MONTHS ago and let me know that he was planning on proposing to his girlfriend and was looking for someone to document it. I was insanely excited that he picked me to capture such an amazing and life turning event. I found myself with sweaty palms and nerves on the drive as I thought about how this young woman’s life is about to change and she has NO IDEA. haha That nervous energy was quickly gone as soon as I got out of the car and talked with these two. I instantly knew that one, she was going to say YES, and two that they were insanely adorable and in love. 

Adam’s cover story was that he wanted to get professional pictures done of them for his birthday.  When I talked to Adam on the phone he let me know he wanted to do the proposal early in the session and pretty much gave me free reign on how to set it up. I told him we would start with the traditional stuff for a few minutes and then I would have him come forward and have her go behind him and jump on his back and “surprise” him…. 

After that I said, “Okay Chelsea now it’s your turn to be surprised. So Chelsea you come forward and Adam you go behind her.” And then this happened….. <3 

She was so shocked that she couldn’t even move! haha Adam had to get up and come to her! 

Adam explained to Chelsea that her ring was custom designed and it had a diamond for his grandmother, a diamond for his mother, and a diamond for her. <3 I absolutely love how much thought Adam not only put into the proposal, but the ring itself.  We then headed into the forest and had some fun! I asked Chelsea to tell Adam a time when she was really proud of him and she welled up with tears as she told him beautiful beautiful things. It’s in these moments that I feel like I really get to know a couple as a couple. 

Me: “Do you guys have a song?” 

Adam: “Unforgettable by Nat King Cole.” 

We then all went into the forest and they danced to their song over my speaker. 

An amazing end to a session….but we had to squeeze these funny ones in…..hahahaha 

Thank you Chelsea and Adam for having me along on the start of this amazing journey. I am so so so happy for you guys and I am just so in love with your love. Congradulations on your engagement!!!