Speaks To My Soul

More than year ago I shot these images. Yes, that long ago. Originally I edited them all light and pretty and sent a few out to the world. One of the two or three I edited actually got featured on a popular photographers site called Looks Like Film. It’s what I thought everyone wanted to see. But truth is, I wasn’t very proud of them. The actual photographs I was proud of but not what they were conveying. But hey, super dark and sometimes down right weird images don’t do well with the general public right? Well guess who doesn’t care anymore?? THIS GIRL!  Personal work is personal work. It speaks to MY soul. And hey, if it speaks to yours as well AWESOME! If not, there is plenty of other amazing art out there that will. 

So the other day I opened these images back up in their RAW unedited form…and I edited them FOR ME. Say whaaaaaa? I know crazy. THESE I’m proud of. These speak to me and make me feel something. 

A word to new photographers: You do you! There is only one person like you in the whole world. SHOW YOUR WEIRD. SHOW YOUR CRAZY! I plan to be showing a lot more of it in 2018. Cheers to creating more things for me in 2018!