Favorites of 2017

2017 was my busiest year to date. Maybe that is why I have been so bad at blogging. (Probably not the reason but sure, I’ll blame that.) I have been blessed to have so many amazing clients and to document many amazing life moments. I figured I should do a big end of the year blog post so you guys can see some of what I have been doing. I do plan on going back and blogging some of these sessions on my down season!

I learned a lot this year. I learned I’m not super woman. (obviously)

I keep a pretty busy schedule (which I love) but I will be taking less work in the coming year so that I can focus on my two littles. I swear they forgot what I looked like at some points in 2017. This of course threw me into a bunch of mom guilt that sucked major. So in 2018, my scheduling is going to be a little different. I believe it will make me happier, my kids and husband happier, and will help me to produce kick ass work because I am rested and my family is content. This will also allow me to shoot more for ME. I realized that this year I only once shot for myself and this makes me SO sad. Shooting for myself is like soul therapy. I must do more of it in 2018!

In October, I had an amazing opportunity to meet with other photographers in Seattle and soak in some of their knowledge and vibes. It was my first time ever attending a workshop so I think I was basically the biggest nerd asking ALL the questions. I left feeling inspired and with a clear direction of how I want 2018 to go. I’m so sad I haven’t blogged my Seattle images but there is a few in this post so you can see some of the epicness that is “choo choo camp.” 

Finally, thank you all for supporting me and believing in me. Even when I don’t believe in myself. Especially my husband and my parents. My mom has taken my kids many nights this year so that I can have editing marathons. My husband has brought me coffee and food during these marathons and has woken up with the kids many mornings so that I could catch up on sleep. Without the amazing support system that I have, I would be totally and completely screwed. So thank you guys! “You the real MVP.” 

It was insanely hard to comb through a YEARS worth of images. There are many amazing moments and images I had to leave out cause I didn’t want you guys to be scrolling for forever. Thank you guys again and I can’t wait for everything I already have scheduled in 2018 and for all the sessions to come. 

Happy new year guys!