Sarah and David

September 24, 2017

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve blogged anything! As some of you might have heard I moved! I didn’t go too far.  Only about 15 minutes from where I was but man, moving sucks. We are in the process of getting new flooring so we decided not to move in any of our furniture until that is completed. So that means I have an old pop up table as a desk right now! haha It’s been a crazy busy wedding season and I’ve been so thankful to everyone who has made it so! I can’t even express how much I love my job! In today’s crazy world, I often turn to my work for a sense of comfort. I love making people happy, and it in turn it makes ME happy! I always remind myself how blessed I am to have that.

These two on the blog today are a future bride and groom for next summer! <3 (Fun fact I went to high school with Sarah and her dad was one of my teachers/he shot my sisters wedding video!) It’s so fun to see people from your past and meet their future. I could tell right from the beginning that Sarah and David are the real deal. When we met to discuss their wedding, they talked about each other with such admiration and love in their eyes. It was easy to see they had found who they belong with. Oh, and they have like the exact same sense of humor. It’s freakin adorable. Without further ado, here is the happy couple!

 First, we started with some shots. I mean duh.

First, we started with some shots. I mean duh.

 I mean, how cute are these two?! haha

I mean, how cute are these two?! haha

Thank you Sarah and David for letting me capture your love! I can’t wait to document your special day! <3



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