Derek & Kristin

I’m finally getting around to blogging this amazing elopement. Better late than never right?! It was a rare sunny day in February (In OREGON and on the beach!) when Derek and Kristin said, “I do.” The day was so peaceful and full of joy that I honestly don’t think there was a classic wedding day slip-up at all.

It started with me, the videographer, and the bride driving to Arcadia, Oregon. During that 2 hour drive I had the chance to know Kristin and Derek’s love story. They started out as just friends. They had both been burnt by love in the past and were pretty much convinced that single life was what they were looking at. However, they loved each others company and often went on lunch dates as friends. Before long, they were alwaayyys hanging out. Kristin at one point even found herself on a date with another man but was just thinking about hanging out with Derek the whole time. Perhaps there was something more to this friendship?

Then one night they ordered pizza and the same pizza delivery guy that always served them said something like, “It’s really cool that you guys take turns paying, me and my girlfriend do that too.” They both looked at each other and were somewhat shocked. “Did he just couple us?!” After that, they were in fact a couple! They fell head first in love with who was already their best friend. Oh, and that pizza delivery guy that coupled them, he was their officiant! Now that they were head over heels in love, Kristin and Derek also got pregnant with a little baby girl! It was such an honor to capture her presence in her momma’s belly on such a special day of unity.

When they would go on their dates, instead of taking pictures of themselves together at the special location, they would take pictures of this little wooden elephant. It was their little inside thing that they did. So when Kristin told me that she had brought the little elephant as a surprise to Derek I was so excited! I shot the elephant in the details of their day and it was so special to me. Derek didn’t even know that the elephant was a part of their day until they got their photos back!

We began by getting ready in a beautiful little beach house…

After that it was time to head to the ceremony spot where Derek was already patiently waiting for his bride to be. The ceremony was one of the most tearful I’ve been a part of. It was beautiful, it was unique, and it was 100% them pouring their hearts out to each other.

And now…happily ever after. <3

Forever happy that I got to capture such a beautiful love story. And even though this wasn’t from their wedding photos, I thought I would share that they had their perfect baby girl!

I love happy endings.