Atwood Family

I don’t often cry while editing sessions, but I did during this one.

I shot this beautiful family last night and they were the winners of my photo shoot giveaway last year! While I have shot their family, maternity, and newborn pictures before, this session was particularly special to me. In July this woman was diagnosed with PPCM which caused her to collapse and go into a coma. Here is a little excerpt from her blog post:

“Flash foward to July 5th, sometime during the evening I got up to use the bathroom at my sister in law’s house. Someone had plugged the downstairs toilet and we couldn’t find the plunger so she just sent me upstairs to her master bath connected to her bedroom. I closed the door to use the bathroom and the next thing she heard was a soft thud. She called out my name and I gave no response. She found me just laying there unresponsive. She called for my husband who was downstairs to call 911 because I had collasped. He dialed 911 and they instructed him on giving me CPR. He gave me CPR until the paramedics showed up. The paramedics said if my sister in law hadn’t of heard me or they couldn’t for some reason call 911 and perform CPR I would have been lying there dead. I was close to going into heart failure. I was admited to the hospital and I was put through many tests and they confirmed that I suffer from PPCM. I was unconsious for 3 or 4 days just in and out of it. I finally started to respond to tests they were giving me, like squeezing my hand, asking me to move my foot. Asking me if I knew where I was, if I had any kids and what their names were. I remembered my husband right away, I remembered I had a son but not his name. I didn’t remember my daughter. I thought my sister was a cousin. I kind of remember when Jason told me where I was and why.”

Today she is back to normal and is just loving life with her husband and kids. I am so happy I got to document such a happy and beautiful time in their life. Never take for granted a single moment with your loved ones.

Thank you Lacey and Jason for allowing me to be the one to document this amazing time inyour life. I’m so happy Lacey is here with us today!