Emma and Dylan at Pacific City

I have wanted to do a romantic beach shoot for SO LONG. When I sat down with Emma and Dylan to talk wedding and engagement photo plans they brought up doing a session at Pacific City and I’m pretty sure I heard angels sing. The beach (especially when sunny) has such amazing tones that I just love working with!

The love these two have for each other is incredible. You can see it in every. single. picture. Those smiles can’t be faked. It radiates from both of them and I am so excited that I get to share in their special day!

Right about this point we were thinking of heading back to the car to do a quick outfit change but then I saw some incredible light coming off of this cliff and Emma and Dylan looked about as excited as I was! We ran over and captured some magic!

Okay NOW we can go change clothes! haha Time for some Romantic fading light <3

Literally the LAST shot of the night and perhaps one of my favorite engagement images I have ever done. I love the passion and the wild hair coming into the foreground! That ring poking through just puts the cherry on top of the romantic cake. I’m so happy with this set and I look forward to capturing more of this love story next August! <3