Kayla has always been and will always be a muse for me. She has one of the most beautiful souls around and she is just as gorgeous on the outside. This year I made a goal to shoot more passion projects and so far I am so happy. I get such a high from shooting things that I’ve dreamt up in my head. Thank you Kayla for going all the way to Detroit Lake with me to make it happen! I love you!

You know you have a good model when you are like “Hey, can you lay in this bed of uncomfortable and wet sticks?!” and she goes “Yea sure!” haha She is a natural!

For this next image…It was all Kayla’s idea! I had her in the water and she goes, “I should hold that giant stick!” I loved the result! 😀

I’m so blessed to live in such a beautiful state! I was overcome with such a pride when I was shooting at Detroit Lake.  Kayla and Oregon – You have my heart! <3

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