The Vandecoeverings

I have wanted to share this session for a long time! This year when I decided to start the blog I knew THIS was one of those sessions I needed to go back and blog. These were taken last April and the golden hour was nothing short of AMAZING! True story: This session was one of the very first I ever edited in Lightroom! Up until that point I had edited all my images in Photoshop. Now, can’t believe I did that! Life before lightroom?! Is there such a thing?! Going back through these images and editing them now that I know what I’m doing was incredible and so rewarding! Yay for learning and progress!

Okay, I’ll be quiet now so you can see the adorableness.

Best. Golden Hour. Ever. I hope we get more of them THIS April! I absolutely love this family and I’m so excited to continue to document their lives!

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