My Mila Turns 4!

4 years ago on a cold and rainy Oregon day, after 38 hours of labor, my beautiful little Mila was born and changed my life forever. I don’t think her or her brother’s birthdays will ever get easier for me. Of course I am happy to start a new year of growth and memories, but it’s just so hard to say goodbye to yet another year of her childhood.

It has been such a joy to watch her grow into such a little PERSON. To think she started out as a little human potato and now she is just the smartest little thing around. Always dancing, laughing, singing, playing, and running around with her favorite little partner in crime (her brother.)

That dimple of hers when she smiles will always be one of my favorite things about her because it was the very first thing I ever noticed about her. When she was first born and they layed her on my chest, I remember looking down and seeing this little mouth screaming with the cutest little dimple on the side. In that moment I’m pretty sure my heart grew 1000 times it’s normal size. I was already in love with her but that just sent me over the edge. She was so perfect.

Alright so here come the waterworks. I had Mila put on my wedding dress so I could take pictures of her in it. As I was editing I immediately started crying. I hope these are images that she can show my grand kids someday. Or even after I am long gone I hope they bring her some comfort and connection to me. Of course I just can’t get over how beautiful she is! By the way, she thought it was absolutely hilarious that it had a built in bra in the dress! lol

Happy 4th birthday my sweet girl! You will always be my baby! <3

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