I would say that I shoot about 85% of weddings by myself but I am always happy to have one of my many talented friends along! All finished images will be edited by myself.

Yes! I do all my invoicing through paypal. 

Sorry, but RAW or unedited photos are not for sale. RAW images are not an accurate representation of my final work while 30-50% of image creation happens in post production. 

Where are you located? Do you travel? 

Do you have a second photographer
 for weddings?

Do you take credit cards? 

Can I have un-edited photos? 

How will we receive our photos?  

Can I post the photos on social media?

Do I have full printing rights? 

I have lived in the Portland, Oregon area since I was 11 years old and have no plans to stop! I'm happy to drive all over my beautiful state or you can fly me to where you are! I love to travel! 

All sessions are delivered through a full resolution online gallery. Weddings are delivered through both online gallery and USB in custom box.  

Yes you do have full printing rights! But I warmly warn you that not all printers produce color accurate / quality prints. I highly recommend using the professional printing services available to you through your online gallery I deliver. 

Yes! Share away! I love that you want to show off your session! If you do share them, make sure to give me photo credit with a link to my page so your friends and family know where to find me! :) Please don’t apply any filters to alter or change the images in any way as that is not an accurate representation of my work. 

Session locations

I love shooting in new creative locations and always enjoy hearing new location ideas! If you have a spot in mind, please feel free to tell me about it! I always love places that mean something to my clients. Maybe it's your own home? Or the place where you met your spouse? If you would like some location ideas to look up for inspiration, here's a few favorites:  

Waterfront /  Portland 
NW 23rd st. / Portland 
OMSI Docks Portland 
Tilikum Crossing / Portland
Union Station / Portland
Broadway Bridge / Portland
Cathedral Park / Portland

City Vibes

Sauvies Island / Portland 
Jenkins Estate / Hillsboro
George Rogers Park / Lake Oswego
Mountainside Lavender / Hillsboro
Cooper Mountain Nature Park 

Country Vibes

Pacific City
Cannon Beach
Lincoln City
Sauvies Island 

Beach Vibes

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden
Rose Gardens / Portland 
Pittock Mansion / Portland
Cathedral Park / Portland 

garden vibes

Forest vibes

Laurelhurst Park / Portland
Hoyt Arboretum / Portland 
Noble Woods Park / Hillsboro
Latourell Falls / The Gorge
Stone House / Forest Park


Latourell Falls
Government Cove 
Vista House
Rooster Rock State Park 
Horsetail Falls 
Smith Rock State Park

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