I would say that I shoot about 85% of weddings by myself but I am always happy to have one of my many talented friends along! All finished images will be edited by myself.

Yes! I do all my invoicing through paypal. 

Sorry, but RAW or unedited photos are not for sale. RAW images are not an accurate representation of my final work while 30-50% of image creation happens in post production. 

Where are you located? Do you travel? 

Do you have a second photographer for weddings?

Do you take credit cards? 

Can I have un-edited photos? 

How will we receive our photos?  

Can I post the photos on social media?

Do I have full printing rights? 

I have lived in the Portland, Oregon area since I was 11 years old and have no plans to stop! I'm happy to drive all over my beautiful state or you can fly me to where you are! I love to travel! 

All sessions are delivered through a full resolution online gallery. Weddings are delivered through both online gallery and USB in custom box.  

Yes you do have full printing rights! But I warmly warn you that not all printers produce color accurate / quality prints. I highly recommend using the professional printing services available to you through your online gallery I deliver. 

Yes! Share away! I love that you want to show off your session! If you do share them, make sure to give me photo credit with a link to my page so your friends and family know where to find me! :) Please don’t apply any filters to alter or change the images in any way as that is not an accurate representation of my work. 

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